Thank you for a wonderful 2021!

Covid -19 Update

Your safety and comfort remain my highest priority during the current pandemic.  All workspaces are cleaned regularly and CDC protocols are being followed carefully.  

Production times are averaging 1-2 weeks. This is a result of scaling down to just one person in the studio (me) and also the added production of masks and scrub caps for my community.  I am doing my best to accommodate all requests for PPE and I believe it takes precedence right now in the hopes that we can all be safer, particularly our health care workers.  At this time I am not selling masks or scrub caps - I appreciate your many requests, but it's just not something I am comfortable selling. 

Your continued support and encouragement during this time has cheered me immensely - this year has thrown us all for a loop and I am so grateful to be able to count on my amazing customers and fans for their caring and kindness.  

I am so thankful to be able to safely weather this crisis in my home, with people I love - I wish the same for all of you. ❤️